D.P. Ray' s Articles

Citric acid production and rock phosphate solubilization by Co-inoculation with cellulolytic and phosphate solubilizing fungi Coming Soon
Ground reality assessment and possible strategies in improvement of red gram (Cajanus cajan (L.) Millsp.) in old alluvial plains of West Bengal Coming Soon
Grading System of Ramie Fibre 10.5958/2454-9541.2017.00003.2
Distribution of Different Forms of Potassium in Some Coastal Soils of West Bengal 10.5958/2454-9541.2017.00008.1
Evaluation of Chemical and Biological Indices for Carbon and Nitrogen Mineralization of Various Organic Matters Used in Tea Garden 10.5958/2454-9541.2017.00009.3
Effect of Soil Drying and Rewetting on Nitrogen Mineralization from Soil Amended with Organic Matters 10.30954/2347-9655.01.2018.10
Nanomaterial Regulation and its Applications in Textile Sector: A Review 10.30954/2347-9655.02.2020.5
Sustainable Methods for Effluent Treatment of Textile Chemical Processing: A Review 10.30954/2347-9655.02.2021.8
Prospects of Natural Fibre Crop Based Plant Growth Substrate in Soilless Crop Production System: A Review 10.30954/2347-9655.02.2021.9

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