Year: 2022 | Month: June | Volume 9 | Issue 1

Current Status and Prospects of Improving Sunflower Production in Tanzania Through Intercropping with Sunn Hemp

Luciana R. Chappa Jayne Mugwe Sagar Maitra Harun I. Gitari


This paper highlights the importance of sunflower, and its current status, giving the prospects of improving its production through intercropping it with sunn hemp legume. The review focuses on Tanzania, where smallholder farmers mainly produce sunflower as a cash crop and a source of vegetable oil. The crop’s production is threatened by decreased soil fertility, attack by pests and disease, limited rainfall, and the high cost of inputs like fertilizers and chemicals. This calls for adopting farming systems that can meet the increasing demand for sunflowers. Intercropping sunflower with a legume such as sunn hemp is an environmentally friendly technique for increasing and sustaining the productivity of the farmland.

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