Year: 2020 | Month: December | Volume 7 | Issue 2

Advantages of Cotton Based Intercropping System: A Review

Shravan Kumar Panda Pritam Panda Biswajit Pramanick Tanmoy Shankar Subhashisa Praharaj Binoy Kumar Saren Harun I Gitari Koushik Brahmachari Akbar Hossain Sagar Maitra


Intercropping provides ample scope to incorporate at least two or more crops at a time in same piece of land aiming at higher productivity from unit land area through optimized utilization of available resources. Selection of crops, planting geometry and optimum stand and crop maturity are important factors influencing success of intercropping system. Upland cotton, being a moderately long duration and widely spaced crop and having moderate growth rate during early stage, offers suitability for adoption of intercropping. Previous research indicates that under cotton-based intercropping system there is efficient use of resources resulting in not only high productivity from unit area but also in high profitability. The current review article highlights the advantages of cotton-based intercropping system based on previous research findings.

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