Year: 2015 | Month: December | volume 2 | Issue 2

Citric acid production and rock phosphate solubilization by Co-inoculation with cellulolytic and phosphate solubilizing fungi

Parimal Panda1 Somsubhra Chakraborty D.P. Ray Bisweswar Mahato Bappa Pramanik and Ashok Choudhury
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In this study water hyacinth and pineapple fermentation wastes were treated with 0%, 5% and 10% rock phosphate and inoculated by three different P-solubilizing fungi individually and in dual culture with cellulolytic fungus Tricoderma ressi. Results indicated that the dual inoculation of phosphorus solubilizing fungus and cellulolytic fungus and carbon substrates (water hyacinth and pineapple) can increase water soluble and citrate soluble P and provide the best alternative method of using poor graded rock phosphate in the soil.

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