Year: 2015 | Month: July | Volume 2 | Issue 2

Improvement of Jute Retting Processes in India in the Context of Water Scarce Situation

Deb Prasad Ray Pradipta Banerjee and Debashis Nag


The jute industry is facing severe competition from synthetic packaging materials in the present situation. To sustain the jute industry and to upli our benevolent mother nature there is a natural intention to move towards more diversifi ed products like fi ne jute yarn, high quality home furnishing jute fabrics, light shopping /carrying bags, various innovative gi articles & decorative products, requiring higher quality fi bre. Thus with the growing demand of high quality fi bre the economic signifi cance of fi bre quality is also increasing on which the future of jute will ultimately depend to a great extent. Despite the fact the amount of quality fi bre is not increasing at the desired level. This is mainly because the farmers a er pu ing all their eff orts in cultivating the crop are least bothered or negligent about the post harvest techniques and are using the same age old re ing practices without caring about its impact on the fi bre quality mainly due to lack of proper knowledge and awareness about its benefi t or adequate incentive / fi nancial benefi t.

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